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Brief overview of company
           S. TOHAN S.A.  Zarnesti was founded in 1938 as part of the industrial group Malaxa, a reference group in the interwar period.
           S. TOHAN SA  has its headquarters in the city of Zarnesti, 1,  Aleea Uzinei Street, Brasov at a distance of 25 km from one of the most important industrial centres of the country, Brasov.
          The company is located at the foot of the mountains Piatra Craiului, in an area of great beauty.  In the vicinity there are vestiges of medieval monuments like Râºnov fortress, and Bran Castle, which binds with the well - known character Dracula’s legend.
       From 1948 until 1990 the company has worked as UZINA 6 MARTIE Zarnesti, and from 1990 until 1998 the company has worked as UZINA MECANICA TOHAN Zarnesti.
      Currently, S. TOHAN S.A. Zarnesti is Romanian legal person, established
as a subsidiary of N.C. Romarm S.A. Bucharest, according to the Government Decision no. 979/2000, amended and supplemented by the decision no 952/2001.
   The profile of the production was directed by the needs of the Romanian Army during the Second World War and the post-war period, and the requirements of our external partners, and the production is generally directed to:
      - Artillery ammunition, calibre from 76 mm to 130 mm,
      - Ground-to-ground missiles and air-ground ones, 122 mm calibre and 82
      mm range from 3 to 20.4 km, (exclusive provider in Romania),
      - Warheads for missiles and artillery ammunition, (the most important
       producer in Romania),
      - Marine ammunition, exclusive manufacturer in Romania,
      - Pyrotechnic elements to other partners: prime screws and tracers.
        In addition to the basic production, S. TOHAN SA has completed over 70 years of existence, the transition to civilian products, through the manufacture of civilian products required on the internal and external markets. All the products and services of the company are made based on the quality system certificate by CERTIND: AQAP 2110:2006 and SR EN ISO 9001: 2008.
        Currently S. TOHAN SA is adapting to the market economy, by resizing and reorganization of production capacities and human and material resources, which involve complex transformation attracting strategic investors. At the same time we make efforts to increase technical and organizational capabilities, to adapt to new requirements arising from the entry of Romania into NATO, reaching anti-pollution standards, labour safety and other requirements arising from Romania's EU integration in 2007.